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Ver3.0 New Features Instruction
[2014-04-03] | | view(688)


Version number: v3.0064


We have updated League of Angels to Version 3.0064 Fires of Fusion

If you still have doubt about the new features, lets check it out !


New Features

1. Angel Evolution: evolve your Angels' to increase their stats and unlock elemental damage!

2. New Heroes: 2 new Topaz Heroes and 1 Ruby Hero are available in the Enigma Tavern.

3. Hero Elemental Training: unlock your heroes' elemental damage! 

4. Inferno System: do Erebus as a team and earn elemental training materials!

5. Fusion Gems: synth 2 different type of gems to fuse their attributes.

6. Level 70 Gear Set: Lvl. 70 equipment can be crafted and exchanged in the Forge.

 Click to see the detailed information