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Q: When can I access the Arena?

A: The Arena unlocks at Lvl. 25.


Q: What do I get for fighting in the Arena?

A: You are rewarded Arena Emblems, which you can exchange at the Arena Shop for special items.



Q: What is the Astral system?

A: The Astral System is your very own roadmap to League of Angels. Not only does it tell you what level you need to be to access certain features? Additionally, each time you activate an Astral (or star, as some players call them), you gain additional stats!



Q: What is a title?

A: A title essentially allows other players to know your rank, it is earned by reaching a certain level, as well as performing well in the Arena.


Q: Does the title do anything?

A: Yes, activating your title allows you to receive additional stat boosts. Also, higher level titles grant access to special limited time events.



Q: How do I get a mount?

A: You unlock your first mount at Lvl. 21.


Q: What does a mount do?

A: Aside from granting you faster movement speed, mounts give your main character stat boosts, as well as special skills.


Q: How to I upgrade my mount?

A: There are two ways to upgrade your mount: EXP potions, and Soulstones.


Q: How do I get Soulstones?

A: Currently, you can grow Soulstones in your Garden, or exchange them with Arena Emblems in the Arena Shop.

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