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Q: What is Gemology?

A: Gemology is a mini-game, and easiest way to get Gems.


Q: How do I play Gemology?

A: Match 3 or more colors and you will get some gems, the more colors you match each turn, the more gems you get.


Tide Pool:

Q: What is the Tide Pool?

A: The Tide Pool is one of Leage of Angel’s many mini games. It is the best way to get Soulstones, to upgrade your mount.


Q: How do I play the Tide Pool?

A: You shoot munitions at the various sea life that swim by. You can purchase muntions with gold in the Tide Pool menu.


Q: I keep missing, how can I shoot better munitions?

A: You can click the buttons next to the gun to use a bigger gun. Bigger guns have a larger blast radius, but use less munitions.

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