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Q: How does combat work in League of Angels?

A: League of Angels features an advanced turn-based combat system. Your heroes, angels, and equipment ultimately determine the outcome of each battle. Choose wisely, and you can take down enemies far stronger than yourself.


Q: How is strike order determined?

A: AGI (agility) determines strike order.


Q: If two heroes have the same AGI, which one strikes first?

A: In the case where two heroes have the same AGI, the computer will randomly select one hero to strike first.


Q: How are skills triggered in combat?

A: Heroes get a certain amount of “Rage” for each attack they make or take, when their rage reaches 100, they will use their skill. Angels cannot be attacked, and automatically gain a fixed amount of rage after each round.



Q: How is victory determined?

A: In League of Angels, you achieve victory by killing all the opposing sides’ heroes (not including Angels).


 Friends System:

Q: Why should I add friends?

A: Adding friends gives you an enhanced gameplay experience, aside from making it easier to find people for Team Dungeons, you can congratulate your friends when they hit certain milestones, and receive extra gold!



Q: How do I get access to the Guild system?

A: The guild system unlocks at Lvl. 20.



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