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Q: What kind of classes are available in League of Angels?

A: There will be two character classes: The Warrior, and the Mage.


Q: What is the Warrior like?

A: Warriors have high DEF and PATK, they are useful for protecting weaker party members, and surviving long, drawn out battles.


Q: What is the Mage like?

A: The mage is your proverbial glass cannon. Sure it has weak DEF, but it more than makes up for it with its high MATK. Be sure to keep any mage well protected!



Q: How do I get an Angel?

A: You actually start the game off with an Angel, Nocturna. After that, you can get other angels through clearing dungeons, leveling up, and participating in special events.


Q: How do I level up my Angel?

A: In the Angel menu, select the Angel you wish to level up, and click Bond. You get 10 free chances to bond with your Angel each day. If you wish to bond more, you can use Angel Tears, which are dropped in various dungeons, and for sale for both gold and diamonds.


Q: Why do I need an Angel?

A: Angels are not simply another party member in League of Angels, they are a honed weapon. Each angel has its own unique attack, and something known as a Halo. The Halo allows the angel to buff various slots in your formation. Each Halo is different, meaning that it is beneficial to have more than one angel ready for battle.


Q: What if I used all my Angel Tears to level up one Angel, and then get a new one, do I have to start over?

A: No! You can use the Inherit feature to transfer EXP from one angel to another. If you wish to do so, simply select the Angel you wish to transfer EXP from, then click Inherit, from here, you need to select a Target Angel (the Angel which you will transfer EXP to), then click Inherit.


Q: What is the Aegis?

A: The Aegis is an ancient breastplate used by the Angels in battle, restoring and upgrading them allow you to impart your angel with special skills and stat buffs. You can upgrade your Aegis by smelting Aegis shards collected in the Zodiac.


Q: How do I get Aegis Shards?

A: You get Aegis Shards by clearing dungeons in the Zodiac.